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My name is Cornelius (Corey) Vetter Mack. I’m  Florida raised, and the youngest of four boys. At the age of 18 I moved 1,390 miles away to Michigan to pursue a career in Advertising and currently coasting into my 5th year at Michigan State University.  I’m a broke college kid with a self-proclaimed title as “The Social Gentleman”. Some call me fun-loving and others just think i’m insane,  either way I have niche for delivering good times.  I’m the kind of guy that will walk into a room full of strangers at the beginning of a night and later leaving as everyone’s best friend. I love people and all of the different cultures our world holds. I don’t view meeting new people as a chore like some do, because I firmly believe that every single person has something valuable to teach me. In a nutshell I’m a gentleman and adventurer with a personality none like you’ve ever experienced. Stay golden.

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